Tree Climbing Instruction with Video

Tree climbing 3Tree climbing 2Tree climbing 1Jayce has really been into climbing trees lately.  The trees in the yard beside the flat have really low trees, which could maybe even be called sturdy shrubs and not trees, and he is all about climbing them, climbing down them, balancing on them, and hanging from the limbs to show everyone just how strong he is. 

Tree climbing 4Tree climbing 5IMG 3260

The other afternoon he suddenly declared that he wanted me to film him, and being the dutiful mother that I am, I promptly pulled out my cell phone and told him to go.  Little did I know that I was about to to receive a lesson. The short (edited) video below is the result of this session. 

4 thoughts on “Tree Climbing Instruction with Video

  1. This is awesome. I began watching the video and suddenly my boys (6 and 5) ran from their homework to watch. I wish I had filmed them intently watching Jayce explain everything. They even asked for a encore viewing! I love his accent. That must be strange for you! Thanks for tree-climbing tips…my boys are already scoping the trees outside!

  2. i just had the chance to watch this with sound… his accent is amazing! it's a good thing your kids look so much like you, or people might start thinking you guys kid napped them! 😉

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