Trick or Treating

I am unhappy to admit that I didn’t really get a good picture of Jayce in his adorable and hilarious hamburger costume!  But some friends came over to trick or treat with us and Jayce was just too excited to run around with their little boy to stand still and let me snap a few shots. Oh well, these will do for now.


Jayce was a little expert trick or treater!  He would say a little slowly and timidly, “trick or tre-at,” but he got it out at each door along with a thank you, which I was happy with.


Last year there weren’t that many people on our street participating in trick or treating, but this year almost everyone was.  It took us an hour just to do our street, and by the time we got back to our house the buckets were full and it was cold outside, so we headed in.


Jayce handed out candy to all of the kids who came to our house as well.  As soon as the doorbell rang, he would run for the door, grab the bowl, and then hand out 1 piece of candy to each kid.  He was so deliberate about it, it was really sweet.


He was excited to light the candles in our pumpkins at home, and insisted on touching the pumpkins at every house that we went to for candy when we were out.


In keeping with our tradition from the past few years, we took cookies up to Chris’ class the day before Halloween with Jayce in his costume.  Since Jayce doesn’t have a class to share Halloween treats with, we share them with his dad’s class.


Last year Jayce handed the cookies out to each student, but this year the icing wasn’t quite set and I was a little worried about how messy the situation might get.  So instead the students lined up, filed in front of Jayce and he would tell them which cookie they should get.  Seriously.  They would say, “Which one should I take Jayce?” and he would point, and say “This one. Here. That one.”  It was pretty funny and he was really pleased with his power.


We also got a surprise Halloween night when a group of students showed up on our doorstep around 9:30.  They were all dressed up and apparently just “visiting” the homes of some of the professors to wish them a happy halloween.  One of the students was dressed up fairly accurately as one of Chris’ colleagues, which sent Chris into uproarious laughter, which woke up Jayce.  They told us his was the best reaction of the night.  I’m just glad that they knocked on the door to say hi instead of toilet papering the house!


Jayce also got to go trick or treating at the school, since they have an open dorm trick or treat night.  So now we have a house full of candy and a little trick or treating hamburger pro.



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