Last week in an effort to keep Jayce occupied and out of the painter’s way I decided to give him one of those middle of the day baths. While he was in there I realized that his hair was getting a little out of control and decided to give him a trim. He’s had that whole, one long patch in the middle of his head, resulting in several long random strands on his forehead thing going on, and it’s been annoying me to keep pushing it to the side. I trimmed up that top front part just a little, just enough to keep me appeased but not enough that anyone else would really notice. I did not trim the back because he currently has those cute, soft little baby curls there, and I refuse to part with those just yet. Also, Chris is rather proud of Jayce’s little curls, as they appear to be one of the few things that his set of genes has contributed to Jayce’s appearance.
And as I type, I have realize that I may have willingly but unknowingly given my son a mullet.