Trumpeting the Coffee Shop

Southstreet 5Mom and Chelsea were here for less than 24 hours before we were at the coffee shop.

Southstreet 4South Street Cafe is one of our favorite places around here.  Seriously, whenever we talk about moving to another area we’re like, “But what about South Street?”  Seriously.  I actually can’t believe that I haven’t written about it yet.

Southstreet 7It’s that perfect blend of a place that you like and your kids like.  It’s casual enough that our kids can be (mildly) loud and it won’t disrupt everything, but it accommodates kids with a little toy corner with books, toys, and a coffee table that can be slanted to keep the littlest ones confined.  (Which is how I learned to knit when Hannah was a new walker.  Yes, this is that coffee shop, the one that holds my weekly knitting group.  In addition to a perfect mocha and generous slices of carrot cake that I never turn down, they have homemade ice cream and sorbet.  Let me just say, they have homemade salted carmel ice cream.  Which is why we go as a family every single week.

Southstreet 8Mom and Chelsea went 3 times in their visit here.  I’ll just pretend like that was their fault and not ours.

Southstreet 12The weeks before they arrived everything was in bloom and BEAUTIFUL!  I kept hoping that they would hurry up and arrive before the trees all around the neighborhood shed their white and pink blooms in favor of their summer leaves.  Luckily it all worked out.  I’m obsessed with these trees.  

Southstreet 10The pink ones lined the main street where I worked in Edinburgh, and when the pedals all fall they make HUGE piles along the sidewalks by the street.  It seriously looks like a very swanky wedding aisle.  At some point when I was walking home I would decide that I didn’t care who was around, reach down, grab a handful, and toss it over my head as I walked.  You wouldn’t have been able to resist either.  

I was so glad that everything was still in full bloom for their visit.

Southstreet 6The coffee shop had a little collection of wrapping paper, and with the 5 year old birthday party coming up, we grabbed a few on our way out that quickly became trumpets, walking sticks, and swords.Southstreet 9Southstreet 13HwrappprAs they should have.Southstreet 16