Turning Two

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Hannah, on her second birthday.

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Chris and I have lived away from our families for every one of our kid’s birthdays, and because of this I’ve had to kind of re-think how to make birthdays special.  When we were little, my parents would have little (or big) parties for us at our house, where family and close friends would come over, we’d eat, have cake, the kids would all play, open presents, etc.  Nothing extremely fancy, but a good time, and it instilled a “family comes over to celebrate when it’s your birthday” thing in my mind, I’m sure like many other people have as well.

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When Jayce turned one we had family parties for him.  He is the first grand baby on both sides of the family, so he had a fun first birthday party with each family when we were in their respective towns.  But for his second birthday, Chris and I decided that we were going to have a little “let’s celebrate being a family” celebration, in lieu of a traditional party.  We would do something fun, hang out just us, go eat dinner at a place we all liked, and just do a few small gifts.  I’m pretty sure we took him to Olive Garden, because he loved it and so did we. 🙂  

For Hannah’s second birthday this year, we did something similar.

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We hung out and had a lazy morning.  We gave her a few small gifts, let her play for a bit, and then bundled up with a picnic and headed to Kew Gardens.

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Her gifts were pretty simple.  Bubbles, because, you know, BUBBLES!!  Does it get any better for 2 year olds?  

 I made her this baby doll, which ended up being a little “Hannah Doll.”

When she unwrapped the doll, it was in a box with a piece of fabric over it like a blanket.  She snatched up the fabric and snuggled it to her cheek as the doll fell to the floor and said, “Aww, pretty blankie.”  But it’s okay.

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I got her this little wooden make up set since she is constantly getting into my non-wooden one right now.  It was precious, with each piece of makeup wrapped in white tissue paper, and the whole set in a little white suitcase.  We all played with it and got makeovers. 

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She had received a few gifts in the mail from Grandpa Brad as well, well-picked Iggle Piggle items.  (Yes, he got a few pointers.) 🙂

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Then the rest of the morning was spent playing.

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And sneaking a few sips of Chris’ (cool) coffee.  

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I knew this was coming.  When I saw her pick up the cup, I made the decision to clean up the mess instead of stop the mess.  It was too cute and I already had my camera out.

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  It’s rough when it’s your birthday and you get to do whatever you’d like: Put makeup on dad, drink coffee, wear high heels, and play in the sink.  It was a good day with our little peanut and our big peanut.   

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