Twins! Or Just Sisters

While Jayce and I were in Ohio, Chelsea and I went out birthday shopping.  My birthday is in a week (Woot!) and hers is the following week, so we were going to try to celebrate while I was in town.  While we were out we found these great jeans that were on sale, but since we couldn’t buy ourselves something in such close proximity to our birthdays, we each bought the other some jeans.  :) 


My mom, being almost as camera happy as I am, insisted on us modeling them and getting a few pictures.


For whatever reason, we were trying to get these “one leg up” pictures, and just couldn’t pull it off.  One of us just kept falling and mom wasn’t fast enough with the camera.


I eventually changed the setting on the camera to help mom out, and we finally got one that worked.  But I actually kind of like the blurry ones, because they convey just how ridiculous this situation was a little bit better than the frozen action shots.


Holding the pose!


Ridiculous.  This shouldn’t have taken as long as it did.  I blame Chelsea.


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