Two Pictures, Two Paragraphs: Working Smarter, Not Harder

Picnic 1Chris has been out of town for the last 4 nights and 5 days, and to be honest, it’s been a lot of work.  I know there are people with a lot more kids than me or more going on, but when you’re used to having a partner, and now there is no one to help with any part of the day, it’s kind of rough.  Particularly when they tag team you, and you have your first child free moments after 10:20, for two days in a row.  Anyway….  Dinner time can be a bit sticky around our house with two picky eaters, so I decided on a plan of attack that worked like a charm.  I spread my duvet on the living room floor, made a spread of lunchtime food that my kids both like (carrots, apples, bananas, bite-sized peanut butter sandwiches, and crackers), we picnicked and watched Fireman Sam.  

Picnic 2

It worked, but Hannah had a bit of trouble with self control.  She grabbed the sandwich bites in handfuls and tried to shove the whole handful in her mouth.  She took the crackers off of Jayce’s plate and ate them when he wasn’t looking.  And she put his apple slices back in the bowl with the other apple slices.  She eventually was re-routed to the little table.  (Okay, only 3 minutes later.) But even though I needed to vacuum after, I still counted this as a success.  I didn’t have to cook, deal with any whining about food choices, they ate well, I didn’t have to clean up “dinner dishes,” we didn’t eat take out, and I didn’t have to cook.  Yes, the “no cooking” part counts twice.  
This is how I survived having no backup for 5 days, trying to work smarter instead of working harder.  It worked for dinnertime, but not so much for bedtime, when they seemed to be smarter and I did work harder.  Sigh.  
And yes, I’ve officially switched to Two Pictures, Two Paragraphs.  Hopefully it will be easier to follow rules that I have adjusted to my own liking.

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  1. the picnic is a go to in my house as much as mommy needs it, lol! my hubbs is the military, and consequently gone a lot. so I totally get it. You do what you gotta do mama

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