Two Shirts, Too Easy

Yellow swing top collage2

This summer I saw this tutorial for a swing top and it looked like the perfect easy little summer top, but I had no knit fabric to try it out.  I ordered some while we were in the US to bring back with me, and within the first few days home, Hannah had this little yellow top.
Yellow floral swing top 2
It was easy, I loved the sweet swing-y bottom, and for some reason it brought out Hannah’s inner gangsta.
Yellow floral swing top 1
The only problem is that it was a bit on the small side, and a little snug in the chest/armpit area.  
This is such a bummer with the first time that you try a new pattern, and a reason that I hold my breath just a little bit the first time I put something together.  It’s so annoying if it’s too small, because all of that hard work is for something that can only be worn a handful of times.  But it’s also really annoying to make something that’s too big and needs to be held off for another season, (or year), like these dresses.
Yellow floral swing top 4
So my next swing top I added about an inch all around, and it was great.  I also used ribbing on the neckline, a first for me, and I’m sold.  The finish is so great.
Pink swing tee 4Pink swing tee 10
She was on the run this morning, so I got her to stand still with an easy little trick.  I just said, in a hushed voice, “Hannah!  What’s that noise?”
Pink swing tee 3Pink swing tee 2
We do this a lot around here.  There are always squirrels, birds, owls, puppies, etc to listen for.  Hannah will quickly stop, put her hand up to her ear, furrow her brow, and instruct us to listen.  
Pink swing tee 8Pink swing tee 7
Stopping to listen never disappoints.  This time, there was a squirrel that jumped off a bush nearby.  It’s a good thing we stopped to listen for it.
Pink swing tee 5Pink swing tee 1
My little peanut.  Every day is an adventure with her.

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  1. seriously? i love her. she couldn't be any cuter & what a fun little personality. those tops are precious. they look cute & comfy.
    p.s. her hair is awesome.

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