Uncle Justin Visits the Science Museum

Science Museum with Justin 29

This sounds like a book title, doesn’t it?

Science Museum with Justin 1

Anyway, Justin and Tasha came to visit us this past June and were perfect guests.  Tasha presented at a conference in central London one day, so we took Justin over to check out the Science Museum, one of our favorites.

Science Museum with Justin 4Science Museum with Justin 2

There are several museums that are right next to one another, and there is a tube stop that takes you to this underground tunnel that leads you to each museum.  There are tons of billboards, always a musician or two playing for change, and a steady flow of people to see the sights.  Every time we are down there I won’t shut up about how cool I think that it is, until someone agrees with me.  It doesn’t normally take too long though, because I am right about this. 🙂

Science Museum with Justin 3Science Museum with Justin 5

As soon as you get in the museum there is this huge circle thing.  I always start to read about what it is, but then get distracted by the two year old that is running away.  Someday I will know, but until then I can still admire it in my ignorance.

Science Museum with Justin 19Science Museum with Justin 7

Justin pointed out one of my favorite childhood games in one of the displays, and I had a strange mix of fondness and grumpiness at seeing something that I liked so much in a display in a museum.  Really, was there anything more fun than linking up with your friend’s Game Boy and having a Tetris match?  The 8th grade version of me doesn’t think so.

Science Museum with Justin 10Science Museum with Justin 11

Then we headed upstairs to explore one of the areas we’ve never been in before.  I have no idea what was happening here, (picture-taking, not game-playing for me), but everyone else seemed to think it was cool.  

Science Museum with Justin 12Science Museum with Justin 13

Science Museum with Justin 14

Justin checking out one of the displays, and my favorite picture from the day. 🙂

Science Museum with Justin 16

This is the funniest display ever, and I was pulling a “pretending like I’m not but really I’m taking your picture” move while these guys checked it out.  It’s some sort of experiment about people doing the opposite of what they’re told, or something like that.  But when you touch the metal pole in the middle, makes a loud noise and you get a little shock.  It’s not enough to really hurt, but just enough to get your adrenaline going, and people always walk away giggling sheepishly while they re-join their group.  I always make Chris do it.     

Science Museum with Justin 28Science Museum with Justin 20Science Museum with Justin 22

Justin and Jayce braved this glass bridge that goes across the middle of the museum and is held up entirely by wires.  

Science Museum with Justin 24Science Museum with Justin 25Science Museum with Justin 26

It’s a little nerve-wrecking for non-height lovers.  There was lots of tingling fingers when I went across, but I did it too.

Science Museum with Justin 23Science Museum with Justin 27

It was a good trip to the museum and glad we could take Justin and show him some of the fun.