Chris, Jayce and I headed out this week for what I hope will be our last road trip for a little bit. We have an annual Gatlinburg get together this weekend, and decided to leave a few days early and head over to the farm for a few days of unplugged family time, just the three of us.

The farm is great because there is the option of going to the lake for boating, water skiing, or swimming. There also is tons of land to run around and play on, animals to see, swings and wagon rides. Furthermore, there is no tv, no internet and no air conditioning, so if you’re bored you have to be creative in filling your time, and if you’re too hot than you have/get to figure out how to cool off.
We didn’t have to try very hard to keep cool on this trip. We were there for 2 nights and 1 full day, and unfortunately, on the full day it rained practically non-stop. Also, the high temperature for that day set a record for being the lowest on this date- it’s not typical for it only to reach the 60s in late July in Kentucky. While I don’t think the 60s are freezing, they are too cold for some of the farm activities we had been planning on, particularly the ones involving the lake.

We had a great time anyway. Jayce had a blast exploring the house and ran circles around the rooms, rarely putting down this huge bat which he alternated between using like a walking stick or like a blind man’s cane. While Jayce napped, Chris and I lazed around and talked, slept, read and leisurely drank our weight coffee. As soon as the rain let up a bit, we took Jayce on a wagon ride down to the nearby spring, and Chris introduced him to spider swinging.

It was a perfect time together. Though the weather didn’t line up with boating and swimming, it lined up perfectly with snuggling on the porch swing and listening to the rain hit the tin roof.

To end our great day, we had dinner at this amazing country cooking restaurant nearby, complete with pie and ice cream, and then found a Redbox and rented a movie to watch on our laptop. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. Amazing pics. You really have an eye for photography. Glad you had an "unplugged" trip. We need that too.

    Hope to see you soon.

  2. Ohh, watching movies on laptops, those were the days! It looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time. Hope Gatlinburg is equally as enjoyable.

    We need to connect on the phone next week when you get back!

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