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Ahhh, the Geranium dress.  I have made it so many times now and yet it has never stopped being a thoroughly satisfying sew.  But of course, in the spirit of experimentation I had to switch it up a little bit.
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A V neck and V back were as easy as pie.  I just laid the original pattern piece on my fabric, and folded the neckline so that there was a straight line from the shoulder to the center of the bodice.  I did the same for the back and sewed it all together as normal.  This obviously reduced the number of buttons needed for the back, but otherwise it came together exactly as it always does.  Perfectly.

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I cut a size 3T even though Hannah measures for a 2T, thinking that it would give her some room to grow since I’d like this to last into and through the summertime.  The good news is that it doesn’t look like she’s wearing a dress that’s too big for her.  The arm holes are bigger than normal but still keep everything covered, and the wider bodice just makes for a more billowy dress for when she is spinning around.

V Neck Geranium 9

I had originally started this garment as a practice run for a different Geranium modification that I was working on, and this was a kind of throw away fabric that I bought from Ikea last year planning to cover some boxes in the kid’s room.  But once it was cut out into a sweet girly shape I was surprised by how much I liked it.  It’s certainly not my usual choice of dress fabric, but a little more fun and whimsical.  

V Neck Geranium 16

Hannah likes it too.  
No really, she does.   
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  1. Erinnn!!! That V in the back is perfection. And one less button hole–I'm in. I love this pattern too, it just brings a smile to my face. And the fabric…it really works! I love when that is a pleasant surprise…how cutting fabric a certain shape changes the whole feel…

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