Vacation, Tubs, and Hannah

We took a little road trip these past few weeks.  By little, I mean 32 hours of driving over 2 weeks time.  (That’s 32 hours of just driving, not overall travel time, which included many stops for potties, leg stretching, meals, and Starbucks.  All equally important.)
Vacation 2 It may surprise you that at a hotel in Kentucky was the first time we dumped both kiddos in the bathtub together.  For our routine at home, it just works better to give them baths separately, especially since Hannah goes to sleep an hour before Jayce.  But since we all go to bed at the same time in a single hotel room, they took their baths together.   It was cute.  

Vacation 1

 I won’t share more than these photos, for obvious reasons, but it’s also pretty obvious why, when I put them in, and called “Chris, come look at this,” he came with my camera bag in hand.  He’s a good husband like that. 
Crawl 2
When we reached our condo in Florida, I let Hannah play freely, unrestrained by the confines of the car and car seat.  I tried to entice her to crawl, but instead she looked at me like I was crazy.
Crawl 1
But in the end, I did it.  Or I guess she did it.  That is, I enticed, and she crawled.
Crawl 5Crawl 3Crawl 4
Or maybe it was her toys and the ducks outside that were the real motivation.  Either way, it was win-win.
Crawl 6
And that’s enough pictures for one post.  I love these ones.