Valentines Day: The One Where I Make Stuff

**Perhaps unnecessary disclaimer: I keep trying to write a post about Valentines Day, and it is getting incredibly long, so I’m chopping it into two. Hope you can bear with me. :)**

This year marked the first Valentine’s Day where I needed to take treats to Chris’ class and Jayce’s class. And since I was feeling bored (apparently?), I invited some friends with little ones over that day for a mini Valentine’s Day party so that Hannah could take part as well.

And this is why I barely posted any blogs that week.

Somehow I did not get pictures of the many sugar cookies that we rolled, cooked and cut out this year. I clearly had more important things to photograph.

Vdaykids 8Vdaykids 6

We should hold hands.

Jayce often tries to make Hannah hold his hand when they are having their picture taken. She’s not really down with it. She tries to pull her hand back the whole time.

Vdaykids 9Vdaykids 10

Or she grabs his shirt. He wasn’t a fan of this either. Can you see that chin jutting out?

Vdaykids 14

Anyway, I joked with some friends that my real reason for having a little Valentine party was that I couldn’t stop making Valentine things for Hannah, and I wanted her to change outfits every 10 minutes like she was hosting the Oscars. 🙂 I didn’t end up doing this. But I thought about it.

Hval 3

I made (yes, another) little jersey dress for Hannah. I was originally going to have a red and pink stripe so that it would be totally Valentine’s Day-ish, because in my mind pink+red=Valentine’s Day. But I decided to just go pink at the last minute.

Hval 5

To make it a little different I rouched the neckline to give it a bit of a v-neck shape, and crossed “sew with elastic” off of my Learn To Do This list. I made the dress part slightly shorter so that you could see the booty, (one of the only times I will say this about skirts for my girl), because I planned to sew ruffles onto the butt part of the onesie. But then it started snowing the day before Valentines Day so I scrapped the booty ruffles and spent my time elsewhere since she’d be wearing pants for warmth.

Hval 4

I made her a few pairs of leggies and they’re adorable! They add a bit of extra length for the pants that are too short on her and help keep her socks on, so they are win win. They were super easy too: knee high socks and elastic thread in the bobbin so that they would stretch a bit. Perfect. And since she sits with her toes pointed, she looks like a little ballerina and it made me smile. 🙂 I got some red in her outfit with a red rose headband I made around Christmastime.

Hval 1

I made these Valentines/Valentine snacks for Jayce’s class, and he was so excited. It seriously took me about an hour total. Dip marshmallow in chocolate, then in crumbled graham crackers, and sprinkle little hearts around the edges. It took me longer to think of what to put on the label, but I just kept turning it over in my head that morning until I figured out a way to get the word “smores” in there.

Vparty 1

I made Jayce a little detective kit. It was so fun and I love it.

Detectivekit 2

I made similar kits for his friends’ birthdays, who were turning 4 and 6 the weekend before. I put each of the detective’s supplies in a bubble envelope, and labelled it with their name and a top secret message attached in leiu of a card. Inside were goodies that every detective needs.

Detectivekit 1

Here is a look at his friend’s kit: A spyglass, flashlight, clue book and pen, mustache disguises, an id badge and a phone (that was actually a walkie talkie.)

After I got home from the store I kept thinking of other directions I could have gone with this. If I had wanted him to be a cop, I could have also got handcuffs, a gun, police hat, etc. Or he could have been a sheriff, with a gun holster, cowboy hat, old time gun, (or squirt gun if it was warmer). Aside from the walkie talkie, I got all of my supplies at the Dollar Store and most of them in bulk, so it was full of fun but pretty inexpensive.

Cjdetective 1

For Jayce’s kit, I knew things would be a lot more fun if I also included items for his favorite playmate, Chris. So I made he and Chris each their own detective badge, and included walkie talkies so that they could search for clues together without being in the same room. Jayce already had a set of working walkie talkies, so I re-purposed them as “detective walkie talkies” in his kit, and added his picture to one of them for a bit of novelty. He loved it!!

Detective 3

My detectives stopped for a picture, but they were very serious. You may not recognize Jayce with his goatee, but notice the flashlight in hand and the walkie talkie sticking out of his pocket. Over the next few days, Jayce would be playing with something and suddenly declare, “I need to check that out, where is my spy glass?” And then, “Mom, where my a-tective kit?” I loved this.

I feel like I should mention that the weekend when I was finishing up detective kits, icing cookies, and pinning to-be abandoned ruffles onto the butt of a onesie, I didn’t make dinner once. Apparently I used up all of my domesticity in non-dinner ways. It’s a good thing we like pizza around here.

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  1. Your kits are awesome! Love them. The Valentine outfits are great and that pink, gray, & white jersey dress is just way too cute! That ruched neckline…are you serious? Genius. Love it. And the leggies, oh my goodness! I can never get enough of those! So, so cute! But the toe pointing, now that is about the cutest thing ever!

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