Valentines Day: The One Where We Celebrated

For Valentines Day this year, we had a variety of celebrations.

That morning, Chris and Jayce woke me up with cards, chocolate, and something else that I can’t quite put my finger on. (Sorry Chris!) This is what happens when I wait 3 weeks to blog about something.

Jayce headed to school, looking handsome in his tie and ready to charm everyone.

Vdaykids 18

I knew I would be making lots of Valentines Day cookies over the weekend, so I decided ahead of time that the Valentine cards for Jayce’s class were going to be store-bought this year. But Chris forgot to get them at the grocery store and I didn’t realize this until the day before Valentines Day. It was snowing and freezing, we had already taken cookies to Chris’ class, and I didn’t want to get out again to take the kids to the store. But after spending all weekend cooking, cutting and icing 2 large batches of sugar cookies, I didn’t feel like taking on an afternoon Valentine-making project either. So I raided the pantry for options, turned it over in my mind that morning, and while the kids slept, made these. They were yummy, fast, and I was really proud of them.

I made a special one for Jayce, which I gave him when he woke up in the morning on Valentines Day. He was excited, but even more excited when he saw a whole box of the treats to give to his friends at school. (He’s a little gift-giver. I’m so proud!)

Vparty 1

I made Jayce a little detective kit, which I shared more about yesterday.

Cjdetective 1

While Jayce was at school, a few friends and their little ones headed over for some sweets, coffee and hanging out.

How is it possible that I got no pictures of my friends and no pictures of our yummy food?

Oh yeah, this is why.

Vparty 5Vparty 7Vparty 8

Because all of our efforts went towards trying to corral the kiddos for a picture. Except for Lauren, who smiled sweetly. šŸ™‚

Vparty 9

She was posing with a bit of a rowdy crew.

Vparty 10

Vparty 3Vparty 4

I’m looking forward to re-creating this next year, since the babies will all still be out of school, and baby girl Fulton will be in the mix as well. Too fun. But it was a very busy Valentines Day this year, for some reasons that were my own doing, but still, l was not sad to see it go.

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