Valentine’s Day

Chris and I got into the habit, in college, of going out for Valentine’s Day near the day but never actually on  the day.  This had a little bit to do with the annoying wait at every restaurant on the day, Chris serving one year and it being much more financially beneficial for him to work that night and take me out another, and a year where we had an absurd experience at Outback Steakhouse. Basically, they had set up white table-clothed card tables (literally) to accommodate the inevitable influx of “parties of two.”  Our was so wobbly that we had to take turns holding the table while the other one cut their steak, and it still wasn’t enough.  It was far from romantic and I felt like we should have gotten a discount on our meal for having a second rate Outback experience.

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While I would agree with statements like, It’s a Hallmark holiday, We don’t need the calendar to get us to say I love you,” and many more like that, I do think it’s a good excuse to make time to go out with my husband.  We got a babysitter, had Outback on a solid wooden table, and saw a movie we’ve been wanting to see since before Christmas.  (The Fighter if you’re interested.  It was great, just like everyone has been saying for the past 4 months. 🙂

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In addition to the Valentines that Jayce and I made, and the Valentine cookies we made for Chris’ class, we also made Chris’ favorite dessert just for him, scotcheroos.  I left Jayce licking the spoon while I went to the bathroom and returned to this big chocolatey mess.  Yeah, he’s a ham.

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The scotcheroos were loved equally by the young and the old.

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I made this banner for my chalkboard frame, and it has been getting us into the holiday spirit for the past month.  It also is helping Jayce with his lowercase letters.

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I made Jayce this little stuffed truck and gave it to him for Valentines Day.  I wanted it to look like a snuggly version of Chris’ truck, and it definitely is snuggly.

Jayce 1600x400Jayce 13600x400

Jayce seemed to like it and has been driving it around the house, but I think Chris likes it more.

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We ended up with a low key Valentine evening.  Chris got Jayce out of the bathtub that night and realized that he had a pretty high fever, so he ended up rocking with him for almost an hour to get him to go to sleep.  We have since discovered that he has some teeth coming in, since he has no other symptoms and has been uncharacteristically chewing on his hand.  But it was a sweet night, and a nice holidays with the boys I love.




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