This year for Valentines Day, I discovered a cute and incredibly easy way to get exactly what I want. Picnik.

I have talked about Picnik before: how it’s great for collages, but slow with big files. (Though it will give you the option of resizing your photo smaller so that the program can run more quickly, but then the quality isn’t as good. It’s a toss up.) Anyway, my favorite thing about Picnik, is that it lets you upload your pictures onto it’s site, edit them there, and then save the edited files back onto your computer without having to make any sort of purchases or download their software. I have an older computer, so on it’s good days it runs slow-ish, but on the worst of the bad days it will shut down completely without warning. I am always glad, when using Picnik, that it isn’t further clogging up my hard drive or virtual memory.

Anyway, they often have seasonal editing options, and so I made myself a sheet of little valentines and printed it on 8×10 paper. It was cute, but the photos themselves were only about 1 inch by 1 1/2 inch, and it was a little too small for me.

Valentines 2010

So I went back and made these little valentines on a 5×7 option, printed them on 4×6 paper, and put them in the mail to Jayce’s valentines.

Jayce Valentine

I didn’t want to waste my mini-valentines, so I strung those up with my little berry heart and made a mini-garland for my dresser.



Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Those little valentines are perfect! It helps, of course, to have such an adorable little guy in the pictures! I have never tried anything with Picnik! Guess I should. Thanks for sharing! I am sure everyone was thrilled to get those precious valentines from Jayce!

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