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When Justin and Tasha were in town, Jayce was really excited because he knew that they were bringing him a present, and he wanted to get them a present too.  He picked out flowers for Tasha and this volcano kit for Justin and him to do together.  

Volcano 9

Hannah was just kind of excited about the excitement.

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It was an awful lot of build up: Building the volcano base, threading a tube through, discovering we had no vinegar and trekking out for some, etc.  

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In the end, it was rather disappointing.  It was less exciting than the time that I set up little baking soda volcanos.  It was fine, but a bit lame.

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But the set came with 4 tiny rocks that came from a “real volcano,” and that knocked Jayce’s socks off.  He kept them, in his room, in his little container of his treasures.  This boys loves volcanos.

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