We Just Wanted to Go to the Bridge, But We Went to the Hospital: London Sightseeing Part 3

Londonbridgetrip 1The weather behaved like a perfect bell curve when Mom and Chelsea were here: starting beautiful and warm, getting warmer each day until mid-trip, when it started dropping off, and by the last day it was downright cold.  Okay, it was low 50s, but walking around with the wind kicked up like it was, it felt like the 40s.  Londonbridgetrip 2Anyway, we hadn’t made it down to the London Bridge so we headed that way, planning to go out for a nice celebratory dinner afterwards to celebrate Chelsea’s graduation from college and acceptance into SMUC and to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Londonbridgetrip 3We got off the train, walked over to the river and started walking down towards the bridge.  But we came across this little rock sculpture thing that just begged to be walked on, so we stopped to let the kids run around a bit.
Londonbridgetrip 5Londonbridgetrip 7Londonbridgetrip 6Londonbridgetrip 8Just behind the sculpture was this little obstacle course sort of thing, Londonbridgetrip 9Londonbridgetrip 10Londonbridgetrip 11Londonbridgetrip 13and a little 40 meter dash station.  The meters were marked out along the ground and there was a timer set up on a light pole at the end.  
Londonbridgetrip 14Londonbridgetrip 15Jayce was the only person that really wanted to try the full dash and I don’t think it was working, or maybe it didn’t register him because he was too small or light or something?  Not sure, but it was still cool.Londonbridgetrip 17Londonbridgetrip 18We assume this was all set up when the Olympics were in town.  There was no sort of plaque or anything telling why it was randomly stations between a few buildings, and it seems like a good enough guess, so we’re just going to go with it for now.  See the gray marble blocks below?  They will become important in a minute.Londonbridgetrip 12Mom and Jayce were playing around on the logs for a bit and Mom was trying to get him to come on because it was time to go.  My wonderful mom, whose agility does not quite match her enthusiasm when playing with her young grandson, tried to jump over or hop onto one of these marble blocks and didn’t quite make it.  She went down and hit her head on the edge of one of the blocks which immediately started gushing blood.
So our trip got sidetracked a bit.  Mom and I went on to the hospital to get her some stitches, and Chris and Chelsea took the kids down to see the London Bridge and kill some time until Mom and I could re-join the crew.
And Chelsea took these lovely photos of the Tower of London and the London Bridge, so I’ll show off her great skills a bit. 🙂
Londonbridgetrip 20Londonbridgetrip 21Londonbridgetrip 22Londonbridgetrip 23Londonbridgetrip 26I called them at about this point in the trip to inform them that we would need to go to a different hospital than the one we had went to, and since it was a bit further away we decided to all meet up, ride over together, and then split up.  Londonbridgetrip 27Londonbridgetrip 29Chris took the kids home and Mom, Chelsea and I ended up in an interesting waiting room in the center of town and pronounced with “a nasty cut that just needed a bit of glue.”  Our fancy dinner ended up being at McDonalds, but Mom did get a Krispie Kreme donut for the ride home, so not all was lost.