What Now?

I imagine that I should first be posting about our move, or our last weeks in Lincoln, or some sort of processing/grieving/or excitement over what is to come sort of post right now, right?

Right.  Right?  I don’t know.

IMG 0877

Instead I’ll just say that there are 3 different posts that fall somewhere into those categories and none are ready.  I keep trying to trim them down or finish them, but it’s the sort of thing that can’t or shouldn’t be trimmed, and I’m having a heck of a time finishing.  How do you wrap up your thoughts about a stage of your life that has just ended?  How can I have perspective or closure while it is still so fresh, and really doesn’t seem to be a reality just yet?

 And it’s not really my style to write about things that have happened recently, right?  I’m running about a month behind here.

Anyway, I’ll answer briefly, as promised, to the title to this post.

We have moved out of our house.  

IMG 0870

We are waiting for our visas, which should arrive sometime in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, Chris’ parents have graciously allowed us to stay with them, and for the kids’ stuff to take over their house. 🙂  Okay, we’re doing our best to not let the second part be fully true.

IMG 0883

We are slowing down.  After a WHIRLWIND of a last 2 months, which I will not be recapping, but you could read about here, time has slowed down.

We are visiting with family.  We are hanging out and laying low.  We are playing and sleeping.  A lot.

IMG 0869

We are visiting with old friends.

We are taking pictures with our phone.  

If it is any indication of how worn out I have been, my camera is still in the bag from when we moved here 9 days ago.  This should be an indication of something, since I typically use it every single day.  I’ll get it out again this week though, because though I love my phone, it’s still only houses a camera phone.

More soon.