What Should We Do Here?

We have this recessed niche above the fireplace in our new house and I’m completely dumbfounded as to what to do with it. Chris and I always joke that we could stand in it, and this morning I busted out the measuring tape to confirm our suspicions. I am pleased to announce that at 3.5ft x 6 ft at it’s highest point, we literally could stand in it.

Now other than Chris or I actually climbing up into this niche to smile and wave at our guests, or putting a statue of the Virgin Mary in here, (it is the right shape), what in the world should I do with this thing?! I am not creative. I once cut out little shapes resembling my living room furniture, and rearranged them on paper to try to figure out where to put my Christmas tree. I ended up sticking it at the end of the couch, the most obvious place, which required no furniture rearranging and certainly no couch cut outs. Therefore I am appealing to my interior design-interested or artistic friends (Cristin? Patrice? Mandy?), or anyone else with an opinion.

Google’s best suggestions include a large wrought iron sun, a clock, or a tv. Anyone else?

4 thoughts on “What Should We Do Here?

  1. The middle picture is already 11 x 16, so if it was even bigger and hanging between those lights, it might look like we have a shrine to ourselves or something.

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