What’s Going On

So we have been busy busy around here, with one or both of us traveling somewhere for 3 days a week for the past 5 weeks!! Chris’ traveling and doing lectures because of the Templeton award has been everything that we thought it would be: good (seeing friends, meeting new people, networking, getting good feedback, etc) and tiring (early morning and late night flights, packed schedules, meetings over breakfast and lunch, long days, arriving home just in time to go teach at LCU or leaving right after class with no down time in between). So around here we’re good, but tired. Trying to keep laundry done, get some rest and remember what day of the week it is.


(Chris and Jayce, with Jayce making his “cheese” face.)

Jayce is keeping us entertained as usual. He is still talking, but saying funny little things that we don’t remember saying, or saying enough for him to pick up on.


For example:

-The other day I stopped to get our mail as I was pulling in the driveway. There wasn’t any, and I mumbled, “No mail?” to myself as I got back in the car.

To which, Jayce responded, “Dustin get it.”

It’s true that sometimes when we are out of town and we don’t have our mail held, our friend Dustin will get it for us. But Jayce isn’t a part of this conversation between Chris and I (or so I thought), so I was really amused that Jayce thought this was an appropriate thing to say in response to there being no mail in the mailbox.


-A few weeks ago when we drove past the train tracks, Jayce declared, “Choo choo lives.”

I was surprised by this mostly because I don’t think I’ve ever talked to him about where someone (or something) lives. We usually talk about going to someone’s house or that grandma is at home or something like that, but not that they live somewhere. So I said, “What Jayce?” just to make sure I’d heard him correctly.

He responded, “Silly mom. Choo choo lives.” He now says this whole statement EVERY time that we pass the tracks. It’s like he’s saying, “duh mom, it lives there.” Well, if people still said duh, it would be like that.


He also declared a few weeks ago, when asked if mom drives fast or slow, that “Mom drives crazy.”

Though this is funny, I couldn’t really figure out where it came from, until yesterday. When I informed Jayce that he was driving me crazy.

To which he responded, “Mom drives crazy.” Funny kid, I guess the statement kind of works either way.

If you were wondering what ever happened to that sewing machine that I brought home a few months ago, it is still just sitting there, waiting for a part that I don’t plan to order. This is because the last time that I was home, my mom gave me her old sewing machine, the one that she received as a high school graduation present. She had been planning on getting rid of because she only uses my grandma’s when she needs to sew something, but she let me have it instead. I think its’s kind of sweet, her using grandma’s, me using hers. So the old Brother is just sitting for now, missing it’s bobbin holder. Anyone want it?


That said, I have started taking on some sewing projects. I started a new series on Lemon Tree called Shut Up and Sew, to try to encourage others (and myself) to stop thinking that sewing is too hard or too much trouble to deal with and just give it a shot. So far I’ve done pumpkins,


burp cloths,


and pillow cases, so I’m on a bit of a roll! I like it, but so far I have only taken on easy projects and I’m okay with that.


Just a little of what’s going on around here.

More soon!

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