When My Kids Run Around in the London Science Museum

I’m going to be honest here and just call this post what it is.  I wish I could say that this is a post about the Science Museum, but it’s not.  (Well, kind of. I only kind of wish that.)  The reality is that we went to this great museum a few weeks ago that was busy, but not completely packed like some London exhibits are, and we decided ahead of time that we were going to let the kids run around and explore without abandon.  This basically meant that Chris and I didn’t really get to look at much of anything ourselves, which was okay.  But that’s why this post isn’t really much about the museum itself.  Maybe another time.
Sciencemus 2Sciencemus 4We headed down on the tube, our first tube trip, and it was a breeze.  I still cannot get over how easy it is to travel around London.
TubeThe end of this tube line is by 4 different museums.  You walk through this (incredibly cool) underground tunnel, and when you come to the museum that you want, you just go up the stairs and go in.  Really, it was so cool.  Pictures of that next time, for sure.
Chris took Jayce duty and I took Hannah duty, which basically meant that I was the chaser.  
Sciencemus 6But not in a bad way, like she was running away from me the whole time.  I just let her run and made sure that I was a little bit behind her every step of the way.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of her so I couldn’t stop for pictures of anything, and rarely got pictures of her that weren’t her from this angle.  But it was okay with me, really, because her unending enthusiasm paired with her pigtails and floral denim leggings, she was having a particularly adorable day.
HThe Science Museum was a real hit with her, because the first floor was entirely transportation-based, and she couldn’t get enough.  Her head was on a swivel and she would yell, “Airplane!  Rocket!  Vroom! (car)” over and over.  
Sciencemus 9Sciencemus 11There was a space exhibit with an astronaut suit, among other things, and she saw it and yelled, “Oc-not!” (like the Octonauts) and then started humming the Octonauts theme song.  She was loving it every step of the way: running, trying to touch things that were behind glass windows, and then turning in another direction and running again.  
Sciencemus 12(Oh wait, here is a picture of something else.  It was Apollo…something.  There was a sign, but I didn’t read it.)
Sciencemus 15Sciencemus 14Sciencemus 13We eventually headed down to the designated kids’ area, which was fine, but just very “kids area-ish.”  
Sciencemus 16Sciencemus 17Sciencemus 19There was nothing in there that was cooler than what was going on on the other floors, but it’s always nice to have a little area where the kids are supposed to be touching and climbing everything around them.
Sciencemus 20Sciencemus 22There was a little tray for the kids to build on and then turn a crank to simulate an earthquake that knocked everything down.  Chris did it once, and then Hannah started building her towers outside of the tray where they were safe.  Smart cookie.
Sciencemus 27Sciencemus 23The kids area was pretty congested so we didn’t hang around in there for very long.  Plus there were still 3 more floors to check out.
Sciencemus 26The best part about this museum was that it was so hands on.  Even if the kids didn’t really understand what they were doing or looking at, it was still very engaging and interesting. 
Sciencemus 29Sciencemus 30Sciencemus 31Sciencemus 32Sciencemus 24Sciencemus 34The peanut didn’t even make it to the end of the block once she was strapped into the stroller.  Playing hard=sleeping hard, and that is half of the goal, right?  We climbed onto a bus headed towards a barbecue restaurant and let Hannah sleep.  Jayce fell asleep on my lap on the way to the restaurant, and again on the way home.  It was a good and successful Saturday out.

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  1. Awww so precious! Love that last pic of Hannah asleep in her stroller. My little princess is 10 months old and I can't wait until she walks! Though she is a handful just crawling so I am sure it will be trouble once she is walking.

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