Why I Sew

 ***I shared this post last week to wrap up my contributions on the Kid’s Clothes Week Blog. But even though it has to do with sewing, it’s more about me than about sewing, so I thought appropriate to share here as well.  Enjoy.***
  I was really interested in writing a post about why I sew because it is something that I am often thinking through and my answer is constantly evolving.  Why DO I want to sew clothes for my kids? There are beautiful and sometimes cheaper options in stores, and this is taking my free time!  Why?
Square Ears
The first garment that I ever sewed was just over a year ago, and on the heels of just having spent a month knitting a scarf for my son.  It took me several hours one weekend to put together a dress for Hannah, but I was finished with it by Sunday night, and I was floored.  I truly felt like a magician.  On Friday there was just a pile of fabric, and on Sunday evening there was a dress, a wearable dress that didn’t look tacky or awkwardly handmade.  I was boiling over with pride and buzzing a bit from the possibilities that lie ahead.
I think that is a little bit of my answer.  The buzzing.

That successful dress was my fuel at the beginning.  We were headed to the states for a month, going to the beach and to visit with various family members in various locations, and that was as good of a reason as any to fill my little peanut’s wardrobe with summer dresses.  So that is what I did.
That was another motivation: my cute girl in cute summer garments.
I think any sewer can agree that some motivation comes from knowing that you can make something as good or better than what you can buy in stores, and often for much less money.
That was a motivator too: thriftiness.
I also could not ignore the empowerment.  That wonderful feeling that I had taken a problem and was doing something about it.
I mentioned this earlier this season, but I will always feel a strong fondness towards the Bubble Pocket Shorts for pulling me out of an ugly episode of mom guilt about my petite daughter and my inability to find shorts for her one afternoon in the store.  I went home, bought the pattern, and sewed up these beauties while she napped that day.  While I sewed, I reminded myself that my little girl was fine, I was doing just fine as her mom, and if I couldn’t find shorts that fit her, then I would MAKE shorts that fit her.
Mini Me 14Romper pants
The more that I sew the more I keep breaking the sewing “rules” that I set for myself.  My most recent broken rule was, I’m not going to sew clothes for myself.  But then, over the past month, I have been.
I remember deciding that I was not going to sew with knits, because it was just not worth my time or effort.  We can all think of a variety of stores where we can find cute knit clothes for our kids, and there is no reason to put so much effort into items that are just play wear.
Hannah s Large Navy Floral Raglan 19Kaleidoscope Top and Berry Picking 17
But sometimes those stores are full of knits with characters on them, or strange phrases, or slews of kitties (come on H&M!), and the knit items I can make myself are just better.
Hannah Green Floral Playdate Tunic 3Jayce Bimaa Hoodie 8Red Poppy Raglan 5
Plus, some of those patterns for knits aren’t that difficult to put together in the first place, so maybe they are worth the time and the effort.
Yellow Striped Bimaa  8Lulu Purple Floral 1
As I’ve continued to sew different items through different seasons, I’ve realized that my initial motivators have subsided a bit.  Sometimes sewing saves me some money, but sometimes it doesn’t. If I want to try a designer or better weight fabric, use fun embellishments, stock up on a few basics, and buy the pattern, it’s not always the less expensive option.  But I’ve found that the itch to make clothes is as strong as ever.  I finish at least one garment a week, but I am usually working on several.
OurFamilyFour2Hannah s Liberty Collared Nessie 1
I recently realized that items that I used to put off because they seemed too difficult now look more like good challenges than impossible obstacles.  This is a good thing.
Minty Family Reunion Dress 9
 Now I have a notebook with a list of garments that I’ve never made, techniques that I have never tried, and presser feet that I have read good things about but never used.  (The rolled hem foot is next on my list!)  I plan to cross as many of these items as I can off of my list by the end of the year.


I’ve realized that, for me, sewing is no longer a means to an end.  It’s not just a way to give my daughter a vacation wardrobe for less money, or clothes that better fit her frame, or my son a special Lego shirt.  I sew for my kids because I love them.  I don’t think that it is the best way, or the only way, but it is one of my ways.  Dressing them in something that I put so much work into feels the same as preparing their favorite dinner, giving them a thoughtfully chosen Christmas present, pushing them endlessly on the swings, or rocking them in the middle of the night.  It’s good, sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s tedious, but it is all an extension of my love.

Hbm 1

  Furthermore, now it’s a hobby.  A good hobby that sometimes fills a wardrobe need, sometimes saves money, sometimes has me tearing my hair out, but almost always leaves me with the pleasant feeling of accomplishment and tangible evidence of hard(ish) work that has paid off.

V Neck Geranium 2Meadow Sally Dress 10

Last week I ran into an acquaintance that I hadn’t seen in a few months.  After a few moments of exchanging pleasantries, she fumbled out, “So, are you still doing the sewing…thing?”
I realized that explaining why I sew to someone who doesn’t sew, is a bit like a marathon runner trying to explain runner’s high to a person who doesn’t like to run.
So I simply said, “Yes, I am.  I really enjoy it.”  And I think that was the most thorough answer that I could give.

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