I’m sure we aren’t the only household that experiences the magical living room transformation that occurs the morning after watching Wipeout. Or the day leading up to Wipeout. Or while watching Wipeout.

Wipeout 1

Allow me to introduce the Wipeout course. This starting point (pictured above) had been changed, since the other day Jayce fell backwards off of it and almost gave me a heart attack. He caught himself on the edge of the couch right as he was about to hit the floor, and laughed it off. He immediately told me, “Mom, not worry mom. I’m okay.” And I immediately told him, “You are not allowed to stand on there anymore. We need to find a new spot to start on.”

Wipeout 2

The couch, which you must run across without falling into the “yucky water.” You’ll notice the obstacles along the way, including the pile of “things I fall into.” (Items in “quotes” are Jayce’s terms.)

Wipeout 3

There is a tunnel to crawl through and a big red ball, that people fall off of and “bonk their heads.”

Wipeout 4

The ottoman is the alternate starting point or the ending point. If it is the ending point, than there will be a hardback book on top of it, which Jayce stands on when he “gets all the points.” He also will tell me, “Mom I winned! I got all the points!” If I respond with, “Yeah, you won!” he will then start saying, “I one.” while holding up 1 finger. Apparently he doesn’t seem to understand the past tense of win.

Wipeout 5

Unfortunately for Chris and I, the Wipeout course is where we used to sit and occasionally talk. Luckily, Jayce will re-direct us if we forget, like yesterday when Chris and I were talking and Jayce said, “Dad, this is the Wipeout course. Sit at the table in the kitchen, Dad.”

Wipeout 6

Thanks Jayce.

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3 thoughts on “Wipeout

  1. LOVE IT! we don't watch that show regularly at our house, but timmy has seen it at my parents and he calls it "the fall down show" and he's starting to ask to watch it. i might have to put it on the dvr and set up a course in our living room next week!

  2. oh how fun! you have such a cute little man…with such an awesome imagination!
    i started following you on pinterest as well! 🙂

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