Wise Like an Owl?

I know that I have recently posted about how impressed we are with Jayce being such a little smarty pants. It really surprises me when he seems to learn things on his own, since I am used to being the one who teaches him different things while we’re home during the day. I should be getting used to this by now, but unfortunately, I am not.

He got me earlier this week while we were playing and I had my camera out. I’ve said before that Jayce usually, upon discovering my camera lense cap, will promptly bring it over to me, and more recently, try to put it on the camera. But this week, he walked by my lense cap laying on the table, and grabbed it, walked over to my camera bag and dropped it in. I know that this seems simple, but I was really surprised by this because I never keep the cap in the bag. The bag stays in generally the same place, but I keep the cap nearby where ever I am taking pictures so that I can put it back on promptly. (I am a little crazy about this.) But Jayce knows that the lense cap goes on the camera, and the camera in the bag, therefore figured that the lense cap alone goes in the bag, really caught me off guard. I thought he was a little young for deductive reasoning, but apparently not.

Also, he is already figuring out ways to do what we ask without actually doing what we ask. We have been working on sign language with him for months and he just keeps refusing. We have been working on “please” the most, and he is utterly resistant, scrunching up his face and turning his head whenever we ask him to say please.

The last few weeks we have been trying to toughen up and make him do the sign, and have been going back to stage one with the teaching, where we first show him how to do the sign on ourselves (one of us rubs our hand on our chest), and then take his hand and make him rub his own chest. Now, when prompted to say please, Jayce first refuses, and then miserably obliges, not by signing please, but by doing what Chris does when making Jayce sign please. That is, Jayce will either reach over and rub Chris’ chest, or grab Chris’ hand and make Chris help him say please on himself. It is both hilarious and incredibly irritating that he seems to have found a loophole.

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  1. that is hillarious, sounds like one you should get a video camera out for! i wanted to do sign language with timmy but it took him so long to get waving byebye that i gave up before i got started. i am looking forward to him grasping a few words though, please is at the top of my list too!

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