Year One Sharing Assembly

Jayce Sharing Assembly 1

Jayce had his school sharing assembly last week.  It was fun, sweet, funny, and kind of random.  Much like last year’s assembly, the kids share about something that they have been learning about recently, show some of their work, and do a song or two. 
(I got a short video, which is at the bottom of the post.)Jayce Sharing Assembly 2
Hannah had settled in on the lap of one of her favorite little friends, Lauren.  Lauren’s sister Lucy is the blonde girl standing and waving with Jayce in the picture above.  We love them.  šŸ™‚
Jayce L Yeah 1
Jayce made Chris extremely proud when he stood to give him an “L Yeah” just before things got started.  šŸ™‚
Jayce Sharing Assembly 5
One of the topics that the children had covered a few weeks ago was clothing.  They talked about the different types of clothes that people wore in different parts of the world, talked about textiles and the children each wove patterns out of strips of paper, the kids wore “special clothes” one day where they could chose their outfit for school that day and then put on a fashion show for their class.  One day they each brought in a stuffed animal and made a scarf for it, and you can see Jayce with his creation in the top right corner of the picture above.  (He took in his Jayce/Batman toy that I had made him.)  šŸ™‚  
Jayce Sharing Assembly 3
They also made shoes, and counted them by two’s, which is what is happening in these pictures.  (Jayce is third from the right.)
Jayce Sharing Assembly 4Jayce Sharing Assembly 6
This picture is the final pose from their “Staying Alive” routine.  (You’ll have to watch the video, it’s the last segment.)
Jayce Sharing Assembly 9
Jayce ran over to say hi afterwards and when I asked if I could get a picture of him with his sister, he took her hands and danced with her instead.  She was obviously delighted because it had been killing her not to be dancing with the big kids on stage. 
Sharing Assembly Double DanceJayce Sharing Assembly 10
Then we all went back to the classroom for a bit to see the children’s work folders.  
Jayce Sharing Assembly 11Jayce Sharing Assembly 15
Actually, Chris looked at Jayce’s folder with him and I did my best to chase Hannah, who was charging around efficiently in a pretty tight space.  She did stop at the white board for a minute, and I couldn’t help but remember a photo I have where Jayce drew a similar picture at basically the same age.

White board

 These funny kids.  It’s a little strange to remember him as a 2 1/2 year old and imagine what she will be like at her own Year One sharing assembly.  At this point I cannot really fathom Hannah as an almost 6 year old.  Luckily I have a few years before we reach that point.
Here is the video of them in action.  Sorry for a quick stumble near the beginning as I tried to get into a better position for my semi-hidden kid.  Luckily it is brief. šŸ™‚

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