Chris’ mom came into town this weekend to visit, so we took the opportunity to head out to the zoo. I have been dying to take Jayce to the zoo all summer and it just hasn’t worked out for one reason or another, but he goes absolutely crazy whenever a commercial comes on with an animal in it, so I thought he would have a blast there.He probably would have, if he had gotten any sleep whatsoever before we went. We had planned on him sleeping in the car on the way, but he didn’t. He did however, fall into that sleepy daze that happens right before actual sleep, and this is when we arrived at the zoo.
He did get to do some fun zoo things, like pet a few baby goats and watch the seals get fed. But some of his biggest excitement was this little mini golf set that they had available in the tiger room (no excitement for the tiger itself, which I was a little nervous of), and this big teddy bear that he dragged around one of the rooms.
Overall we did have a good time. We rode the carousel before we left which woke him up a little. Upon exiting the carousel, the mother of a girl who was in front of Jayce said to her daughter, “Julie, every time you see that camera, you strike a pose!” Her dad had his camera out, strap around his neck, with an extra zoom lens on, despite the face that there were only 10 kids on this little carousel and there was no one in front of him obstructing his view of his daughter. Oh well, I’m a paparazzi mom myself so I probably just have cool zoom lens envy.
Anyway, there is a big amazing playground outside of the zoo that Jayce had a blast on. Chris put my camera in the car before we went to the playground (what?!) so I don’t have any pictures of that, but he had a great time running around, climbing, and sliding before we left. We probably should have done that first to wake him up! I’ll know better next time.